Monday, 30 July 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius

On the 2nd August, the energy mix of the Leo sun and Aquarius full moon will culminate and offer us the opportunity to renew, build and strengthen our faith and confidence in ourselves, our hopes, beliefs and ultimately our future.

In Tarot terms we will experience a liberating Strength/Star combination, which is beneficial in helping us to let go of people, situations and beliefs that have a negative influence on us.

With the Sun in Leo (Strength) over the last couple of weeks, you may have felt the need to express your creative urges, feed your passions and assert yourself in relationships with people in both public/professional and private areas of your life. At times it may have felt hard to persevere; you may have questioned your abilities and lacked confidence. Despite talent and knowing deep down you are on the right path, it can be hard to be consistent without trying to force or rush issues.

The full moon in Aquarius (Star) will give you a welcome boost to assert yourself with confidence with eye-opening and liberating new insights.

The positive energies of the sun Leo/Strength and moon Aquarius/Star combination can be used to:

  • step forward with conviction and take action
  • gain a new perspective and have the courage to stand up for yourself
  • free yourself from restrictive thoughts and beliefs
  • acknowledge you can't control everything, and that's okay
  • become more independent in areas where you are too attached and needy
  • focus on innovation - rather than conforming to the crowd, do something completely different
  • be gentle but firm; only agree to a compromise if you don't feel you lose out
  • let go of negative people; you cannot get it right for everybody, and you don't have to

I love the Strength/Star energies that are coming into my life over the forthcoming days. They can be beneficial for all of us.

What will you be focusing on over the next couple of days? How will you make use of the Leo/Aquarius energies? What further insights does the image combination of Strength and the Star hold for you?

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

2012 - The Year Of The Hierophant

The Hierophant,
2012 is well on its way, and its climax will now doubt be the conclusion of the current Mayan calendar cycle on the Winter Solstice in December.

People worldwide are eagerly anticipating this cosmic event in hope for a positive conscious shift on our planet.

Major changes on a global scale have already profoundly changed our lives over the last three years (e.g. the banking crisis, recession, major natural disasters like the Japanese earthquake), and we may be wondering now what else we can expect for the remaining months this year.

The numerical year card for us all (based on the calendar year 2012) is trump no. 5, The Hierophant.

Year cards can give us an indication as to what we need to pay attention to in that particular year as well as what opportunities and challenges we may be facing.

The general key words for the Hierophant are: religion, structures and organisations, institutions, rules, ethics, morality, establishment, tradition, education, hierarchy, conformity.

Darker meanings of this card: control, rigid regulations and belief systems that don't allow creativity or individuality, religious fanatism and oppression, lack of spirituality.

The Hierophant is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus and the element Earth.

The image shows a papal figure seated on a throne with his feet on the ground and his hands raised into the air, suggesting that the Hierophant is grounded in structure and tradition, yet spiritually connected to the Higher Force above.

On a global level, the Hierophant may ask us to turn our backs on excessive materialism, develop a more sustainable lifestyle and thus rediscovering our spirituality.

What is the Hierophant asking you as an individual to focus on this year?

You may
  • wish to learn a new skill, start a course at college or university or work on passing important exams
  • become a teacher or would like to pass on your knowledge and skills in a more informal setting
  • have an issue with security and stability in your life; you either need to create it or break out to explore pastures new
  • pay more attention to your spiritual needs; for too long people have focused on their physical (material) and intellectual (scientific) needs, but the human being consists of body, mind and spirit, which all need to be equally nurtured.
  • question the status quo, e.g. in your workplace, in society or in your relationships with others. Lack of change and innovation can lead to a stale environment and situation, where creativity is suppressed and your potential stifled. Think carefully what outdated structures, rules and moral obligations are holding you back.
  • equally feel the urge to introduce more traditional customs into your life; are you thinking about getting married and "settle down"? Or perhaps you would like to get involved more formally in political or social organisations and activities, where you can contribute positively to society.
  • Consider the wisdom found in all religions and focus on the one closest to your heart; observe its festivals and traditions, simplify your life; live according to the core values of religion and spirituality: love, compassion, tolerance, sharing, helping and caring.
Take a moment to study the card and explore your individual opportunities and challenges for this year. You can also calculate your personal year card and explore how that relates to how your year has been progressing so far. 


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Friday, 20 July 2012

Zodiac Card of the Month: Strength

Strength is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. If Leo is either your sun or moon sign, then the Strength is one of your zodiac cards.

As a sun sign card, Strength may reflect your conscious, expressive, outward, open personality; how you engage with people and the world around you.

As a moon sign card, Strength reflects your unconscious, hidden, blocked personality traits, instincts and emotions; you feel them within.

Personality Traits associated with Strength: 

 warm-hearted, generous, optimistic, assertive, resilient, dominant, creative, stamina, willpower, integrity, charisma

egotism, forcefulness, temperamental, patronising, interfering, bossy, dogmatic, boastful, snobbish

Strength/Leo Life lessons:
  • Balancing expectations of what to get from others with what you can give first
  • Avoid high sense of self-worth turning into egotistical sense of greatness
  • Considering safe financial investments rather than being drawn into risky "get-rich-quick" schemes
  • Ensure that your generous nature is not taken advantage of
  • Let go of over-bearing attention seeking, and let people see the real you and your sensitive side
  • You have the power to shine and enlighten people with your radiance; use this ability to help others to shine and be radiant, too

The following Leo correspondences also relate to Strength:

Element: Fire
Season/Timing: Summer (July 23 - August 22)
Ruling Planet: Sun (also associated with the Sun)
Stone: Tiger's Eye
Key Word: Power
Key Phrase: I Will

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Message from The Magician

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hermit Wisdom

The Hermit is my personality card, because my date of birth adds up to the number 9. The personality card indicates the life lessons that need to be learned during a person's lifetime.

I have just realised that over the last couple of months I have been learning a lot of Hermit lessons, and here I would like to share them with you.

1. Solitude is a blessing and catalyst for creativity and spiritual growth. Not to be mixed up with loneliness!

2. Simplicity is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

3. Downsizing can be the best option, if you want to gain more.

4. Scaling down and streamlining can move you forward in business, work and at home.

5. Keep your environment at home and at work clean, tidy and clutter free.

6. I don't want to be poor, but I know that money doesn't make me rich either.

7. Too many possessions are suffocating. The less you have, the more you appreciate what you have.

8. Sometimes planning can be counter-productive. It's good to have an objective, but meticulous planning can create obstacles and discouragement. Keep focused on your goal, and trust that your light will show you the way as you go along.

9. Having only a few genuine friends is better than being surrounded by many, who are shallow and back-stabbing.

10. Humility earns you respect.

11. Consumerism and greed stops people from realising what is truly important: love, friendship, family, nature, health, creativity, sustainability, spiritual growth.

12. Take your time to figure out what you want. Don't be rushed by outside (or self-inflicted) pressure to make a major decision that will affect the rest of your life. Pressure only makes you tense and anxious.

13. Sometimes it can be a blessing, if you don't get what you want.

14. Don't spend money you haven't got, and don't take out a loan that you will find difficult to pay back.

15. You don't need to experience an adrenaline rush every day to live life to the full. Instead, become more aware of people and surroundings; consciously and mindfully enjoying the company of a friend or loved one, the smell of a rose, the taste of good food, the pleasure of loosing yourself in the work you love or your hobby...Those are the moments you feel alive.

16. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

17. Not all that glitters is gold. In fact, you don't need gold. Love and health is much more valuable.

18. The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Make sure you give yourself plenty of love, nurture, trust, patience and understanding.

19. It's possible to be peaceful amidst noise, trouble or hard work. Just be calm within your heart.

20. It's perfectly okay to be the odd one out! Not fitting into a crowd develops your independence and power of observation.

21. Perfectionism blocks creativity. I allow myself to be imperfect.

These are my Hermit life lessons I have gained so far over the years.

Work out your personality card and explore your life lessons. Have fun!


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Monday, 9 July 2012

7 Tips for Living A More Spiritual Life

Our Western society has become more secular in recent years, and whilst many people have replaced religion and spirituality with materialism and greed, others are searching for more meaning in their lives.

Ancient philosophers already knew that human beings consist of three parts: body, mind and spirit, so this isn't a New Age fad. Whereas our body needs sustenance like food and drink, our mind needs education and knowledge, and our spirit needs to explore the mysteries of life, death and the universe with curiosity, imagination and wonder.

When we neglect any of the three parts of our body, we become ill in some way. In order to avoid illness as best as we can, we need to keep our body, mind and spirit equally nurtured.

Although spirituality is nowadays strongly connected with religion, it is completely different from the rigid and dogmatic religious institutions, which currently exist. 

Spirituality is a holistic approach to achieving individual and collective well-being and contentment. You can have a spiritual approach to life without following any form of religion.

Being spiritual does not mean reverting back to follow a strict religious path; spirituality allows you to discover the wisdom found in all religions and choose what works for you as an individual.

You do not have to believe in a God in order to be spiritual. In fact, your beliefs would never be questioned by a spiritual person, as any belief is in itself valid and worthwhile contemplating.

Spirituality is a state of mind, where you become increasingly aware of nature, the universe, the cycle of life and death and mankind’s role within Earth’s complex eco-system. Once we develop our spirituality, it will offer us as much strength and support as any religion practised today. It may even offer us much more than any religion, as it is based on experience rather than a religious belief system.

You may be asking yourself how you can develop your spirituality. There is no guidance, no rules, no structure. Here are some practical ideas that will help you make a start:

1. Practice Meditation
Allow yourself undisturbed time at least three times a week, where you can meditate and reflect on your spiritual well-being. Meditation is a powerful tool to calm down, clear your mind and relax. It's not difficult to learn, but you need to practice it regularly to notice a positive effect. You can simply start by lighting some candles, listen to some soothing music and sit in a comfortable chair and start to unwind. You could even try a guided meditation CD. Over time, meditation can help you ease tension, stress and anxiety.

2. Spend Time in Nature
This doesn't necessarily mean hiking in the wilderness for days, but enjoying walks in the countryside, the local park or even in your garden. Enjoy the scents of flowers, the earth and the trees. Listen to the birds and watch the wildlife. If you have your own garden, try growing your own fruit and veg. If you just have a balcony or window sill, grow herbs and flowers in pots. Have fun experimenting with seeds.

3. Observe and celebrate the changing seasons
Spring, summer, autumn, winter - each season is special and offers us unique gifts. Try to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables that are locally grown. It's not necessary to eat strawberries in winter, which have been flown in from far away. Each season's delights are something to look forward to: whilst enjoying the long summer days, it's comforting to look forward to lighting candles in the autumn evenings and roasting some chestnuts. Spend time outdoors during the seasons and watch nature change. Get in tune with the cycle of  life.

4. Fill your home with positive energy
Keep your home tidy and uncluttered. Filling charity bags with unwanted items can feel like releasing old baggage and a refreshing cleansing purge. Crystals are beautiful, but they can also have healing properties. Invest in a few crystal objects that you love and can use in your meditative and healing activities. Rock salt lamps are a great way to reduce air pollution caused by electrical equipment. Keep a few plants and have some inspirational books handy, which encourage you to think positively and awaken your creativity.

5. Love yourself
Ditch those glossy magazines that haunt you with a distorted view of beauty. The media's obsession with age and size zero bodies has led to a slump in women's self-esteem and a rise in eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Many women, who had plastic surgery, regretted it later. Now is a good time to stop the media's influence on you and enjoy your life the way you are. Remember that nobody is perfect, and you can find a way to let your natural beauty shine whatever your features or body shape.

6. Love people
Make a conscious effort to be nice to people. Smile. Be friendly. Helpful. Caring. Tolerant. Don't expect anything back in return, but you will notice a positive difference not just within yourself but also how others treat you in return.

7. Take responsibility for your happiness
You may get hard done by, and you may encounter a few pitfalls in life, but in the end it's your choice how you react and how you want to feel. Avoid victim mentality; be pro-active. Have faith in yourself; you have the power to take control and move on to where you want to be.

There are many more ways to live a more spiritual life; which ones would you add to this list? 

Warmest wishes,


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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Message from The Fool

"You're off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." 

- Dr. Seuss

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tarot Astrology: Sun in Cancer, Full Moon in Capricorn

The Chariot (Cancer), The Devil (Capricorn), Aquatic Tarot
The Capricorn full moon is fast approaching, and before I go any further into the details of the Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon energies, take a moment to look carefully at the images on the left. What similarities can you see? 

The Cancer (Chariot) sun energies are urging us to get out of our comfort zone and stay focused and determined to reach our goal. We realise that we need to take responsibility and keep steady in difficult situations. As long as we have self-assurance that our efforts will be rewarded, we can keep going.

Combined with the moon energies of Capricorn (Devil), we need to take a break from our journey towards our desired destination. Now is a good time to enjoy our achievements already made along the way. But let's not get too complacent! The Devil is a card of illumination; depicting arch angel Uriel in the guise of Baphomet, the torch in his left hand is highlighting where we are right now - are we in a good place or a bad one? We are facing the facts as they are, which will help us revise our plans and generate new ideas if necessary.

At the time of the full moon this month, the Capricorn energies of the Devil intensify our need to be realistic, ambitious, disciplined and resourceful; these are qualities that will help to make the right choices if major decisions have to be made that will affect the rest of your life.

The focus of the Cancer/Capricorn energies will be on strengthening work, home life and health. This can include:

  • self-preservation kicks in, usually expressed through hard work, effort and determination, but this can be conflicting with your need to take care of your health
  • re-assessment of current situation; identifying your weaknesses; adapting new strategies
  • detaching from material possessions to be free to explore new opportunities; a great time to de-clutter your home! 
  • re-connect with nature, getting grounded and attuned to the natural cycles; let mother nature tell you what is truly good for you 
  • developing leadership and maturity to create balance between emotional and material needs

What to avoid: aggression, narrow-mindedness, lack of foresight, complacency, apathy, defeatist, gloom, greed 

Cancer/Capricorn's water/earth combination is positive and suggests beneficial resolutions and outcomes during the full moon period; a great time perhaps to mix determination (Chariot) with earth magic (Devil).

How are you making use of the Cancer/Capricorn energies this week? What additional insights does the Chariot/Devil combination on the image above offer you?

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