Friday, 22 May 2015

How Does He Feel About Me?

how does he feel about me
Over the years I have tackled all sorts of questions as a Tarot reader, and I don't rephrase any of them.

How does he feel about me? is one of those that keeps coming up.

This question is asked for a number of reasons, including:

1. You've just met someone and wonder, if they like you as much as you like them.

2. A relationship has ended, and you're wondering, if they still have feelings for you that may get you back together.

3. You are dating someone, but keep getting mixed messages about their intention.

If you decide to ask me for a reading to get clarity on any of the above, then I must confess:

I cannot tell for sure, because tuning into someone's feelings without their permission rarely offers a clear and correct answer.

You see, when I do a reading for you, then the cards drawn are about you and how you are connected to others, not the other way round.

Speculating about other people's feelings isn't helping, if you are ignoring yourself. When you focus on other people's feelings, you are handing over your power to them. Don't do this to yourself.

Instead, I'd like to encourage you to consider the possible answers to your question from your perspective:

1. If you're wondering, whether someone is interested in you, then it's always best to look out for the signs. It often takes a little time and patience, even courage, when you have to make the first move, but it's worth it. One way or the other you will gain clarity, and you'll learn an important life skill, namely to read people based on their (non-)actions and (lack of) communication.

2. The ending of a relationship is painful, but this isn't the right time to wonder about their feelings. What about yours? Accept that it's over for now and work on moving on, rather than looking back. Acceptance of the breakup also helps you put closure on it, if this is something you are seeking with a reading.

3. If someone goes hot and cold on you, then chances are, they might not be that in to you. Perhaps they have commitment issues or other complex stuff going on in their life, but that's not for you to waste your precious time thinking about. If their intention is vague and it drives you nuts, don't care about what they feel, care about yourself and let go.

You need to be aware that reading about other people's thoughts, actions and feelings without their knowledge or permission is just speculation, and the cards drawn will mostly reflect your energies, not theirs.

But if you still want to ask how does he feel about me?, then go ahead; a one-card reading or mini reading will suffice to offer you some insight and an empowering message to help you move forward.

Warmest wishes,


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