Thursday, 4 September 2014

Just One Little Thing That Can Change Your Life Forever

wheel of fortune tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes
"One new perception,
one fresh thought,
one act of surrender, 
one change of heart,
one leap of faith 
can change your life forever."
Robert Holden

Just one thing.
A phone call. 
A chance meeting. 
A rejection. 
A random act of something.

For me it was back in 1983, when I was nearly being offered an apprenticeship with a prestigious company in my hometown in Germany. 

It was the kind of job that would set me up for life. It was between me and someone else. One of us would get the job.

I had to attend three interviews, and each time it got tougher. 

Fancy putting a 19-year old through a management-style recruitment process...yes, I know it's outrageous, and that's exactly how I suddenly felt about it whilst attending the third and final meeting.

And I decided during the sometimes sexist questioning (those were the days!) that I no longer gave a shit.

Needless to say I didn't get the job.

I went to university instead. Travelled through Europe, stayed in hippie communes and just enjoyed being a free spirit. I discovered women spirituality and had my first encounter with the Tarot.

My final excursion was England, where I lived for a year as an Au-Pair before I returned to Germany to complete my studies.

And then I came back to the UK and have lived here ever since. 

When I attended a school reunion a few years ago, I discovered that most of my class mates had never moved beyond a five mile radius of their place of birth. Some of them even got married to each other (gasp!).

I wondered, how my life would have been different, if I hadn't mentally given up in that interview and then been offered that apprenticeship... 

So, dear reader, what is the ONE little thing you will do today that could change your life forever?

Don't know? Why not pick up your favourite Tarot deck and pull a card or more for some suggestions. Can you influence the next turn of your Wheel of Fortune?

Warmest wishes,


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