Monday, 12 January 2015

Embracing Uncertainty

embracing uncertainty
Anything is possible.


Even at times when you think nothing is happening, change is on its way.

My life is changing.

Just a few months ago back in November, I thought that despite some unsettling events, my path ahead was clear.

But then a chance encounter turned everything upside down.

Another Wheel of Fortune moment. And I didn't even pick a card to see what's coming.

I didn't want to pick a card, because I have learned to accept the unknown.

Uncertainty can be scary, but once you can overcome that fear, there is no need to consult the Tarot to answer questions such as

"Will it go well?"
"Will I be okay?"
"Is everything going to work out?"

To be honest, I don't want to know. That's the beauty of uncertainty. Ignorance can be bliss, so your vision isn't clouded by cryptic messages from the cards, which can often lead to more confusion.

What really counts is the journey forward. Each step you take. Progress you make. The outcome will always be unknown depending on the actions you take along the way.

Of course, sometimes fate can deal us some painful blows out of the blue (perhaps the Tarot would give an indication), but then life goes on, and we are the masters of how we want to proceed.

Change, uncertainty, the unknown and impermanence can all be deeply unsettling. The feeling of being out of control prompts many of us to seek some kind of reassurance.

But I don't want any reassurance. I don't want to know in advance, if all goes well or not.

I just want to embrace uncertainty and enjoy the ride. At this moment in time, it feels good. As long as it feels good in the present moment, I am happy to choose this path regardless of where it might lead.

At this moment in time, I don't need any more clues.

Although not everything is clear, I know that as time goes on, everything will unfold as it's meant to be.

Before you rush to have a reading about your future, I invite you to consciously embrace uncertainty.

Will you get married and have children? Will your marriage last? Will your new job be your best career move ever?

Just be okay with not knowing. 

Be prepared for all possibilities including the not so happy-ever-after ones.

Life is a gamble. As long as you follow your heart, you will enjoy the journey and create the life you want to live along the way.

Warmest wishes,


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