Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tarot Healing Message: King of Cups

King of Cups,
"Every loss is a gateway. It opens the heart. It strengthens our sense of empathy and the world heals from our softness." Raven Mardirosian

Having recently experienced loss and going through the accompanying emotional upheaval, I was wondering today, what message the Tarot would offer to help me heal.

Of course, I'm not expecting anything miraculous to happen; the healing process takes time, but sometimes even the simplest one-card reading with the right question asked can offer some soothing, encouraging even profound messages that guide you gently towards your goal of recovery.

For this little reading I am asking the question: 

Where am I on my healing journey at this moment in time? 

Card drawn: King of Cups

The King of Cups is all about emotional maturity, and he can keep his feelings under control. At this moment in time I can completely relate to this card. Yet despite feeling emotionally in control, deep down I suffer but find it hard to let it show.

The King of Cups indicates hidden vulnerabilities and intense emotional undercurrents whilst trying to fulfil responsibility to nurture fellow sufferers; a slightly oppressive atmosphere perhaps, but it's fine by me for now.

For me this is a positive card to draw at this time. I'm holding it all together, and I know that emotionally I'm stronger than I sometimes think. Where am I? In a position of emotional power, in which I can help others to heal.

What healing messages does the King of Cups hold for you? 

Warmest wishes,


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  1. Really nice message. What deck does this card come from?

    1. Hi Leslie,

      this image is from the Aquatic Tarot, which is a digital deck. You can download it for free at Thanks for stopping by!



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