Friday, 11 January 2013

Will I ever find Love again, and if yes, when?

Cosmic Tarot, Norbert Lösche 
© 1988 F.X. Schmid
A few years ago I worked for a celebrity psychic providing text readings, and every day I logged in to answer people's questions.

I've responded to literally thousands of questions, and the ones that came up most often were "Will I ever find love again?" and "When will I find new love?"

First of all, I take every question seriously, regardless how ridiculous they may sound to some people.

For me, behind every question there is a human being wanting / needing some answers, so I'm happy to answer these questions here for you, in order to save you some money.

You see, there is no need to pay a Tarot reader to tell you whether you will find love again and when, because the answer is always the same (or similar):

Yes, of course you will find new love, and it will come at the right time.

No ethical Tarot reader in the world would say "No, you'll never find love again, and you'll be miserable for the rest of your life." :)

However, as an experienced Tarot reader I can sense so many more hidden issues and angst in a question, which need to be addressed in order for my standard positive answer above to become reality for you. 

This is where a Tarot reading would be helpful to look at your specific situation and work out how you can overcome the issues you are facing.

If you are asking yourself right now, if and when you will be happy in love again, then you may:
  • have recently suffered a relationship break-up
  • feel insecure and suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth
  • lack confidence (or your confidence has been dented by a break-up)
  • still haven't got over a relationship breakdown that happened a while ago
  • still thinking about what happened in the past and about the ex
  • compare new potential lovers with your ex
  • worry about the future; needing reassurance
  • feel lonely and depressed
  • think too much about stuff you cannot control
  • miss out on fun, excitement and adventure in the present
  • perhaps even engage in mindless, hollow sexual encounters without loving attachment

Which of the above points can you identify with? Which ones are holding you back from moving on?

Each one of them can be resolved by taking positive action, for example:
  • talk to friends about your situation; they will support you in your time of grief; also check out helpful advice on the internet
  • treat yourself to new clothes that make you feel good; have a massage, spa treatment etc., spend time with good friends
  • socialise to make new friends without seeking a relationship; don't put pressure on yourself to find the man/woman of your dreams wherever you go, instead enjoy light conversations and laughter
  • explore why you cannot get over your last break-up; perhaps it was messy, hurtful and you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with that person, and then your dreams were will need to work on acceptance, letting go for good and healing. Check out my tips on how to recover from a break-up and turn a crisis into a transformational journey
  • every relationship is unique; sometimes it's not love at first sight, and it takes a little while to realise what a person can offer. Be open-minded.
  • the future isn't cast in stone; there is no control over it. Even Tarot cards and crystal balls cannot tell you exactly what will happen. Really. There, I said it. Embrace the future whatever it may hold.
  • loneliness is a sign that you need to get out more. Social activities will help. Meet new people. If you don't have many friends, then you can make new ones in your local area through social sites like Meetup
  • make each day worthwhile and enjoy the present; live consciously and mindfully; do something each day that makes you feel good; try new activities / sports etc. you've never done before; be spontaneous; take care of yourself (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • set high standards and values you adhere to; you never need to go with second-best. Be patient; enjoy some flirting and friendship, but save intimacy for the one, who really rocks your boat and shows s/he's keen to offer you a fulfilling relationship 
Be honest with yourself and take action to feel happier and more content with the situation you are in right now.

The more content you are with the here and now, the more you tackle the underlying issues of your insecurities and doubts. You will no longer ask questions like this, and suddenly your new love pops into your life without warning, when you least expect it.

Warmest wishes,


PS: The image of the Seven of Cups from the Cosmic Tarot reflects very aptly a sense of desperation, clinging to the past or unfulfilled dreams and emotional insecurity. LWB keywords: "A man lies on the floor, tortured by restless dreams. Meaning: Illusion, daydreams, ruin, imagination, delusion, illusionary success, testing of wishes and fears, productive power of fantasy, dream-work."

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  1. What an insightful, compassionate post, Christiane!

  2. I agree. Very caring post. Thanks Christiane!

    1. Thank you, Angela, great to see you again ;)

  3. A wonderful post! Very insightful

    1. Thank you, Theresa. Glad you found it helpful.


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