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Learning Your Life Lessons Tarot Spread

life lesson tarot spread morgan greer tarot
Morgan Greer Tarot  © US Games 1993
As we navigate through life, our experiences teach us many lessons:

we make mistakes, we get things right, we observe other people and learn from them.

We travel, work, build relationships, acquire knowledge, meet challenges and experience change.

Sometimes we need to stop and pause to remind ourselves of the lessons we have learned so far and how they can be of use to us at a particular time.

If we don't, then we may end up making the same mistake twice or get stuck in a rut.

For this purpose, I have designed the following spread.

Each card in the Tarot (and even oracle decks) offers a life lesson that is personal to you.

Meditate on each card you have drawn - what are the lessons you need to remember and make use of today and in the future?

Take your time, but be concise. My sample reading is below:

1. Life lesson I need to apply in the Present
2. Life lesson that sustains me
3. Life lesson I learned in the Past and is still relevant today
4. Life lesson that protects me
5. Life lesson I will need to apply in the near future

  1. 4 of Swords - Having regular breaks from work and busy situations does wonders for creativity, physical and mental health. Never let others determine when you can rest and recharge. Take time out when you need it, and this is what I need to do in the present.
  2. 7 of Pentacles - Don't expect overnight success. Putting in my best efforts with patience over time will eventually bear fruit. Everything I care for deserves my full attention and nurture at all times. This lesson sustains me at any time I feel insecure, have doubts or have to define my priorities.
  3. 3 of Wands - Don't be afraid of new beginnings and the unknown. I have experienced many changes in my life, and I shall move forward with trust and optimism on my new life path ahead.
  4. 2 of Cups - Love! Building and maintaining harmonious relationships, developing mutual trust, tolerance and understanding even at times of uncertainty and change. Unconditional love and rising above anger, resentment and limiting attachments protects me from severe heartache and long-term bitterness.
  5. 5 of Pentacles - I need money to pay my bills and make a modest living, but I also know that money doesn't necessarily make me rich. Life's riches are often found elsewhere. I need to be more aware of the little things that enrich my life and look out for them every day. Limiting my desire for material possessions will help me through lean times whilst still feeling content.
What life lessons have you learned and how does the Tarot help you apply them? 

Warmest wishes,


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  1. Great spread and a lovely, inspiring reading. Thanks for sharing, Christiane :)

    1. You're welcome! Glad you like it, Chloe ;)


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