Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Introducing Cosmic Journaling

chakra wisdom oracle cards
There is so much I want to cover in this post, and I'm not sure where to begin.

But after having just taken a deep breath, I start with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle, which I recently bought and immediately loved the cards and the whole concept of the deck.

So I decided to use this deck together with the Tarot of the New Vision to do the Life is a Bed of Roses reading.

My post isn't about the actual reading but how I have recorded it.

You see, I'm in the process of creating completely different kind of journaling sheets that I hope will encourage and inspire you to write, putting your readings, thoughts and observations about your spiritual journey onto paper in a more fun and creative way.

cosmic journaling
On the image here you can see that I have made notes of my reading on the sheet surrounded by the cards I have drawn.

You can download the sheet here and try it out for yourself. Perhaps you can even do a better job than me filling it in.

My handwriting has become a bit dodgy after years of using a keyboard, and I could have used different colour pens to make it even prettier.

The nice thing about these journal sheets is that you can reprint and use them as often as you like. Along the way you will start to set your imagination free...and perhaps improve your handwriting too!

I have already created lots of different sheets for various readings / spreads and spiritual explorations, which will be available in an ebook soon, and already had such fun filling them in.

Cosmic journaling isn't just about writing into a plain notebook; it's about turning your writing into a visual experience and in the process help you unblock your creativity.

Let me know what you think. Use the journaling sheet, take a pic of it and post to Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #cosmicjournaling. You can also tag me @cosmicfaery.

Find out more about Cosmic Faery's Journal Workbook coming in September 2015.

chakra wisdom oracle cards
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
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And last but not least, having mentioned the Chakra Wisdom oracle cards earlier, I really enjoy working with them at the moment.

It is very rare for me to connect with an oracle deck (I'm very much a tarot girl at heart), but this one really speaks to me, and I learn more about the Chakras, which I always wanted to do.

I have had some fascinating readings with these cards, for myself and others, so if this kind of deck appeals to you, then I can highly recommend it.

Warmest wishes,


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