Monday, 4 January 2016

Why You Should Have A Word Of The Year

word of the year journaling sheet
Cosmic Faery's Journal Workbook
A new year has begun, and resolutions are made and discarded within a matter of weeks.

This is a shame, because so many resolutions are worthwhile, and if they can be kept, will have tremendous benefits, such as boosting confidence, health, self-worth etc.

Turning a resolution into a goal and pursuing it mindfully is the first step towards success, and there are some tricks you can apply that will help you along the way.

First, take some time today to calculate your year card and explore the energies surrounding you over the coming months.

Your year card can offer you ideas on what you should focus on during 2016, perhaps inner qualities that will help you achieve your ultimate goal such as loosing weight, improve your love life or get a new job.

the chariot tarot of quotes
Tarot of Quotes

There is always something hidden that stops us from getting what we want to achieve, and your year card may point you into the right direction towards discovery.

While you treat yourself to this quiet time of reflection, you can choose your personal word for 2016 based on the energies of your year card that will act as your inner guide towards your goal.

Once you know your word, write it down on little notes and put them in places, where you can be reminded of it often.

My personal word of the year is ONWARDS, based on The Chariot, my year card for 2016.

The Chariot is telling me that the year ahead won't be easy, but ONWARDS will remind me to let go and move forward rather than being held back by a 25-year old comfort zone.

I worked out my word of the year by using a journaling sheet I designed for my ebook Cosmic Faery's Journal Workbook, which you can see on the image above.

cosmic faery journal workbook
Download your copy here
There are lots of guided journaling prompts in this workbook, which I created to help you ground yourself and become more mindful about your potential and opportunities.

In this exercise, I show you what types of word to choose to make it more potent, and once you have chosen your word of the year, it can act as a powerful prompt to help you put your choices in alignment with your goal when decisions have to be made.

In the workbook, there is also a journaling sheet to help you catch up with your magickal word more regularly, so you keep remembering and apply it when you need it.

And have I mentioned recently how powerful just ten minutes of daily journaling can be

Honestly, if you keep thinking that you don't have the time, then please try to shift that mindset and create some little me-time each day to ground yourself, reflect and explore by putting pen to paper

You will soon notice how therapeutic it can be.

Happy New Year!


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  1. It seems we both see a lot of value in a word for the year. I Love how your year card has been your inspiration for your word

    1. Thanks, Ellen. My word last year was EMBRACE based on the Lovers, and I did embrace opportunities I would have otherwise dismissed ;) The year card helps when the word doesn't seem to come naturally.


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