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The Cosmic Journaling Oracle - Awakening

cosmic journaling oracle awakening
Cosmic Journaling Oracle
The Cosmic Journaling Oracle isn't quite like other oracle decks out there.

It doesn't tell you how to interpret each card, it asks you to write your own story. That's why the word 'journaling' is part of its name.

The Cosmic Journaling Oracle invites you to create your own meanings for each card by exploring your life from one card to the next - from awakening to completion.

Pick a card and see what memories, ideas and emotions are triggered. Write about them.

The divination aspect of this deck lies in the random draw of a card, which asks you to pay attention to this particular topic.

You can also use the cards to answer specific questions, no problem at all. But before you do that, spend some time with the cards to make a connection, and you will notice how spookily accurate the messages and even predictions may turn out.

Awakening - I'm not telling you how this card should fit into your life or indeed how you should define or interpret it.

This is my personal story about Awakening, and yours may be similar or totally different, and that's the beauty of an oracle deck, which doesn't limit the card meanings to the creator's personal world.

Here, my story about Awakening only acts as an example of how you can work with each card of the deck.

Awakening - the moment I began to realise that after years of stagnation something was stirring inside me. My Awakening moments occurred at times of great change, grief and loss.

After one such event many years ago, I picked up my Tarot deck again after years of abandonment. There it was in my hands again, and the rest is history.

The very first time I came in contact with Tarot was when I felt overwhelmed by life's uncertainty with a lack of direction, when I was a student at university in the early 1980s.

By chance I joined a women's circle at the campus and looked with curiosity through a Tarot deck one of the women brought along. I was wondering, how fortune-telling could possibly work, and I wanted to know.


The urge to go on a magickal quest was always inside me, but it had to be ignited by a spark.

Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, after years of lying dormant, a spark ignites the spirit lifting up body and soul.

It's a wake-up call.

In my readings, I interpret Awakening as transformation about to occur, which will bring growth and expansion.

In a relationship reading, this could mean meeting someone, who will change your life, or an existing relationship is being examined due to new insights or developments.

For a single person, Awakening can mean being clear about standards, values, sexual preferences and expectations, therefore avoiding unsuitable, even emotionally harmful relationships.

In work and career matters, it can mean a calling, vocation, change of direction.

Awakening leads to something new and therefore personal growth.

What is your story of Awakening?

The Cosmic Journaling Oracle will be available in March 2016 as a digital download and shortly after as a printed deck.

In the meantime, you can explore Tarot Journaling with my ebook.

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