Sunday, 26 May 2013

Moments of Joy

Nine of Cups,
I don't need to travel the world or go bungee-jumping to live life to the full. Here are those little blissful moments I have enjoyed this week in my simple yet abundant life:

  • gardening on a sunny day
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • discovering the frogs have survived winter and now live in my pond
  • a curious robin nearly landed on my finger
  • the dawn chorus overpowered by the blackbird's out-of-tune tweeting
  • a new Tarot deck delivered by the postman
  • yummy porridge with chopped nuts, linseeds and sweetened with brown sugar
  • my first cup of coffee in the morning
  • the neighbours' cat purring on my lap
  • meeting up with friends in the evening to chat about books and Games of Thrones over a glass of wine
  • walking back home late at night on deserted roads...eerie but exhilarating 
  • creating more Tarot cards and deciding to run a win-a-personalised-Tarot-card competition...the response made my heart sing..and you can still enter, if you read this before the 12th June 2013 
  • watching G-Force with my son, and we were both laughing our heads off
  • anticipating mid-term break; no need to get up early this week
  • after many years I've managed to get the number of emails in my inbox
    Journal Yourself Happy
    Creative Journaling Kit
    down to ZERO...I'm feeling so much lighter and organised
  • sitting in the garden watching the sunset with a glass of wine and listening to the wildlife

What are your moments of joy this week? 

Please do share them below...I'd be happy to hear from you ;)

Warmest wishes,



  1. Hmm, my moments of joy included doing some writing I'd been promising myself to get around to, watching the new Star Trek movie, and doing lots of chanting :) Beautiful card, Christiane!

    1. Writing is one of my perpetual joys, and I'd love to see the new Star Trek movie, too! Have heard it's fab ;)

      Glad you like the card, Kerry, but it's not the official Nine of Cups for my Tarot deck..just had some fun ;)

    2. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see the "real" Nine of Cups. This one is beautiful, though!

    3. Aww..thank you, but it's my "personal" Nine of Cups; the one in my deck won't include me ;)


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