Monday, 8 June 2015

Life Is A Bed Of Roses

roses in tarot cards
Roses on Tarot cards
Universal Waite Tarot deck, (c) US Games 2008
The other day I heard someone say "life isn't a bed of roses, you know", and I found myself quietly disagreeing.

Life is truly a bed of roses.

Plenty of beautiful and fragrant blooms (which we sometimes overlook or take for granted), but also little annoying thorns hiding between the sheets!

Then I looked at my RWS Tarot deck to find all the cards that contained roses, and I found nine (see pic).

We can find roses on challenging cards, where they may indicate the need to pay more attention to what goes well in one's life rather than being all consumed by doom and adversity.

Roses are a bit like double-edged swords: the femme fatale, no gain without pain, yin and yang, feminine (blooms) and masculine (thorns), Venus and Mars.

So the following reading involves the Empress (Venus - beauty, love, nurture, creativity) and the Tower (Mars - strife, conflict, upheaval, destruction).

This two-card snapshot reading is about recognising and appreciating the beauty in your life while looking out for the thorns that are lying in wait ready to prick you. Ouch.

First, thoroughly shuffle your deck.

1. What is beautiful in your life right now?

Look through your cards until you get to the Empress. The card behind the Empress reveals something good in your life that you need to recognise and cherish.

2. Hidden thorns you need to watch out for

Look through your cards until you get to the Tower. The card behind the Tower reveals something unsettling that you need to be aware of.

bed of roses journaling sheet #cosmicjournaling
It's quirky, a bit wacky, it's outside the box!
Download and get writing.
You can record your reading on this funky journaling sheet (.pdf), which is a little taster of what's to come in my forthcoming ebook Cosmic Faery's Journal - Tarot and Spirituality Workbook, available in September 2015.

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  1. Great little spread Christiana! I am going to try this for sure this week!

  2. Thank you that was a fun little spread and journal sheet. :) I drew The Lovers, and The Moon.

    1. Those are interesting cards, Cher! Glad you enjoyed the spread and journaling sheet :)


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