Saturday, 12 September 2015

Why Your Fears Can Be Blessings

why your fears can be a blessing
Face your Fears - Tarot of Quotes
My Ascendant is Gemini.

The corresponding Minor Arcana cards for this zodiac sign are the Eight, Nine and Ten of Swords, and the Knight of Swords...

I have lived with the energies of those cards since I was a young child, when my parents left me at home alone at times and I started developing a fear of abandonment.

Anxiety has been my middle name ever since.

It has affected me profoundly, and only now in my midlife years am I beginning to come to terms with it.

Sometimes I can ignore it, at other times I can control it, and then at bad times it can be pretty much overpowering.

But fears are not there to be shoved under the carpet.

If you find yourself worrying about the worst catastrophes that may or may not happen to you, then embrace them as blessings.


Those fears teach you lessons.

They make you aware that anything can happen at any time. Just go with the flow and surrender to those possibilities.

They show you an alternative life and ask you to remind yourself of your strength and ability to cope.

Those fears tell you that if the worst happens, you are stronger than you think.

They ask you to imagine yourself rebuilding your life, and despite tragedy you can and will experience happiness again.

Whatever your fears are, be grateful for them. Embrace them as your guides rather than being paralysed by them. They prepare you for the unexpected and unwanted.

Nobody wants to experience illness, death, poverty or heartache, but when blows like this hit you (and they will sooner or later), use your fears to make you strong rather than helpless.

When you begin to accept the possibilities of a worst case scenario, the power that your fears have over you will start to fade.

Sometimes your fears teach you to be cautious; they stop you from walking naively into a disaster zone.

Fears are useful to help you evaluate your options and realise that at times it's okay to take a risk to live life fully.

A phobia can be paralysing, severely restricting your life, but rather than imagining yourself screaming and passing out when put into that situation, picture yourself laughing and saying to yourself what was all that fuss about? 

Imagine the exhilarating freedom you will gain, when open spaces let you breathe deeply, and a plane journey takes you to new and exciting destinations.

It takes time to rewire your brain to focus on the positive rather than the frightening negative. Don't give up. Keep going.

Affirmations do work, if you keep using them.

You can ask the cards for guidance, too, by exploring questions such as

  • If the worst came to pass, what new opportunities would come up for me?
  • What good will come from it?
  • What unexpected positive experience will I have as a result?
  • How can I stay strong and pursue happiness in difficult times?

Walk with your fears, make peace with them and let them give you wings.


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  1. I've been fearful my entire life and like you the older I got the better I could handle it. I've found my strength by coping with very sad and difficult situations. By surviving these experiences and keeping a sense of gratitude and joy our heart, we will become wise old women one day :)

    1. I think we already are, Ellen! We are both lucky that age (I know we aren't THAT old yet hehe) hasn't just given us grey hair and aching hips but also wisdom based on our experiences and struggles over the years. So much have I realised and learned about life, it is only just beginning to make sense. I do believe that spirituality plays an important role in acquiring that wisdom, so I would advise every person to develop and nurture their spiritual practice in order to gain that wisdom and the strength required to deal with life's challenges.


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